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Welcome to Street Signs... Thumbnail

Welcome to Street Signs...

December 20, 2019

Welcome to Street Signs, a timely, focused “what we are seeing” update for our clients. Deupree James Wealth Management takes pride in keeping our clients up to date with the latest and best information available.If you know of anyone who would like to receive a“Street Signs”, please forward them our information and we’ll get them in the loop.Please enjoy our first “Street Signs” update below:

Street Signs Wall of Worry

At Deupree James we follow what we call evidenced-based investing.If you are lost in a new city you might look to street signs to show you the way.One market “Street Sign” with a good track record is the mood of investors.This year stock investors suffered from mood swings: euphoric in January and pessimistic in December.

Normally (but not always) this pessimism “Street Sign” appears before strong rallies. As the old saying goes, the market “climbs a wall of worry.”

US Investor Sentiment graph

Of course, this does not mean the current bear market conditions are over just yet, but at least one indicator says the stage may be set for a rally from the recent lows. As always, we’ll follow the data and work to provide insight for our clients.

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